Urban Decay Pack of 6 Naked3 Peel Off Nail Polish

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Urban Decay: Pack of 6 Naked3 Peel Off Nail Polish.


The Pack Of 6 Naked3 Nail Polish By Urban Decay consists of a carefully selected range of color shades that are also designed to dry at rapid speed after applying.

The perfect shade of nail polish can do just the trick to pull together an ensemble or make a daring fashion statement. The Pack Of 6 Naked3 Nail Polish By Urban Decay is truly a delight for women who love to experiment with different nail colors every now and then. Created with luminescent ingredients, the nail polish will enhance both, color and overall shine of your nails.

Ajmery.pk brings you a very attractive deal that gives you a pack full of colorful nail polishes so you don’t need to buy every color separately. The pack doesn’t include nail polishes of any random brand but one of your favorite brand. Pack of 6 Naked3 Urban Decay nail polish in lighter and darker shades. Give your fingers and toes and wow factor with metallic shine. Six elegant colors means that you have got a color for every occasion to put on your beautiful nails.

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