Jumbo Eye Pencil Center Stage Collection. NYX-05

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Jumbo Eye Pencil Center Stage Collection. NYX-05



Being a fan of the limelight does not have to be lonely. Our best-sellers are no longer a solo act in this limited edition collection of all six top-selling shades. This arsenal of creamy pencils can be used as liners or shadows. Both, if you’re feeling feisty.

Product Features:


  • Six best-selling Jumbo Eye Pencil shades in one convenient set!
  • Lines eyes with intense color or prepare the perfect base for favorite eye shadows
  • The combination of colors is perfect for every day wear
  • Bold blue for a pop of color, black for your daily lining needs and the ever famous Milk

How to use:


  • Apply directly onto the eyes to line, dab using fingers or a primer brush to create a base for shadow
  • Apply under the brow for a great highlight using the shade Milk in the collection

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